Since 2011, ChYps has been our official charity and both TW MIBs as a collective group and many of our members actively support it. 

Who are chYps
ChYps (Childrens and Young Persons Services) is a Kent-based charity which provides hospice, palliative and respite care to terminally ill children and teenagers in Kent.  The care ChYps provides is unique in that it is provided within the child’s own home, helping the whole family stay together as much as possible. ChYps has been doing just this in north Kent for quite some time, but earlier this year was awarded the “contract” to provide these services to families in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks too.

There are currently 200 terminally ill children in our area which need support from ChYps, but without sufficient funding, they are unable to help them.  They need to raise £248,000 to provide the service in this area for 12 months.  And to do that, they need to raise their profile in this area too. 

As mums, chYps is very close to our hearts and TW MIBs is committed to helpling chYps achieve these goals both as a collective umbrella, and through many of our members who actively support the charity and do some amazing things on a practical level helping the families affected by donating time and services, by promoting the charity through e.g. their websites and marketing material, and by fundraising.  

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