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How to join Sevenoaks and/or Tunbridge Wells Mums in Business

Tunbridge Wells Mums in BusinessS+TW MIBs is a community of people in a similar situation rather, than an expensive networking group operating on a strict membership-only basis. So if you’re a mum and have a business, are just starting out or even just have an idea for one, you’re very welcome to come along to our meetings either as a member or guest. You can find out more about S+TW MIBs here, and see our members here.

If you’ve never been before and would like to come, please join our emailing list to receive meeting invitations.

How much does it cost?

Unlike most other networking groups we keep our fees to a minimum in recognition of the fact that we’re all mums, often working part-time around our families and in many cases are in the early stages of business, so we aren’t typically rolling in cash!  And don’t forget that the cost can be offset against tax as a business expense.

Annual membership – We have two membership options available:

  • Initial joining fee of £24.95 which includes your super-useful personalised MIB Network Networking Organiser and Planner, plus:
  1. £150 by annual direct debit for either Tunbridge Wells or Sevenoaks, or £250 for umbrella membership to belong to both groups.
  2. £75 one-off set-up fee followed by £15 per month direct debit for one group, or £100 set-up plus £25 per month to belong to both groups.  Please note that the set-up fee is payable if you have a lapse in membership and subsequently wish to rejoin.

Non-member fees = £20 per meeting (£10 for summer and xmas networking drinks). Limited to 3 guest attendances per person per year.

What does membership include? 

  • all your monthly evening meeting fees
  • inclusion in our closed members’ Facebook group where we do a range of activities to help you promote your business, plan your week, share ideas, maintain contact and network in between meetings.
  • inclusion in your group’s member directory click here to see an example with a link to your website, Facebook page or instagram
  • no more than two members offering similar services at any time
  • the opportunity to do a 5 minute presentation or display about your business at a meeting if you’d like to (needs to be pre-booked)
  • Click here to apply to join.

Membership is subject to Terms and Conditions.

Coming as a guest without joining

If you’d like to try our meetings out first or if you’d like to come just occasionally, you’re very welcome to come along to any meetings as a non-member for a simple Non Member PAYG meeting attendance fee of £20.00 payable in advance when you book your place at any meeting. Attendance as a guest is limited to 3 times per year.

What about if I’m not a mum or I’m not from Tunbridge Wells or Sevenoaks?

Anyone is welcome to come along as a guest regardless of whether you have children or not.  However, annual membership is only open to mums / dads / primary care givers. This is because our experience of working, balancing our priorities and business goals are typically different, which creates a unique bond and shared understanding in our group. Needless to say you will be made very welcome regardless!

Despite our name we don’t restrict membership to people from Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks – if it’s an area relevant to you then you’re very welcome to join or come along no matter where you’re from.

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